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Neokantianism and the Theory of Values in Hungarian Philosophy on the Treshold of the 20th Century

(Original title: Novokantovstvo a teória hodnôt v maďarskej filozofii na prelome 19. a 20. storočia)
Filozofia, 66 (2011), 10, 994-1002.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper deals with neo-Kantianism and the value theory in Hungarian philosophy on the threshold of the 20th century. It shows how neo-Kantianism contributed to the Hungarian philosophy’s being professionalized as well as the transformations of neo-Kantianism in the works of its leading representatives. It also offers a detailed analysis of the value theory of K Böhm, who created the first original Hungarian philosophical system.


Neo-Kantianism, Value theory, F. Medveczky, B. Alexander, K. Böhm, Gy. Bartók, S. Kibédi Varga

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