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Reflecting on Some Objections to Nussbaum’s Theory of Capability in the Context of the Possibility of Human Rights Justification

(Original title: Úvahy o niektorých námietkach voči Nussbaumovej teórii spôsobilostí v kontexte možnosti zdôvodnenia ľudských práv)
Filozofia, 78 (2023), 8, 634 - 648.
Type of work: Original Articles
Publication language: Slovak
The subject of this article is an analysis of the basic ideas of Nussbaum’s capability theory. In spite of the advantages of this approach, some authors have raised objections to the capability theory. The aim of this article is to analyze and discuss some selected objections. In particular, the study focuses on five objections that relate to the problem of paternalism, the impossibility of reaching a minimum threshold of individual capabilities, the impossibility of justifying civil and political rights, and the non-hierarchical nature of the list of capabilities. The article also develops a critique of the theory of capabilities in terms of a political approach to human rights.

Human rights, Needs, Culture, Recognition, Interest theory, Human needs, Capability theory, Nussbaum

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