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Várossová's Methodological Approach to Research on the History of Philosophical Thought

(Original title: Metodologický prístup Várossovej k výskumu dejín filozofického myslenia)
Filozofia, 79 (2024), 1, 22 - 38.
Type of work: Original Articles - The History of Slovak Philosophy and Political Thinking
Publication language: Slovak
This article examines methodological aspects of researching the history of Slovak philosophy, especially during the Marxist-Leninist era, focusing on the work of Elena Várossová. It discusses the challenges and debates triggered by Marxist-Leninist philosophy in Slovakia, including Várossová’s rejection of some methodological principles and the resulting extensive discussions on philosophical-methodological approaches. The paper first examines dialectical materialism as a method, then Várossová's methodological foundations and criticisms. Finally, it examines her approach to the history of philosophy as a complex, contradictory process of discovery. Várossová critically evaluates dialectical materialism and argues for the inclusion of psychological and social human aspects in analysis.

Várossová, Marxism, Materialism, Idealism, History of philosophy, Methodology

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