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Volume 52 (1997), 3


(Original title: Vzťah medzi svetonázorom, metafyzikou a teológiou)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 3, 141-148.

The authors understand a world-view as man's opinion on everything he is encountered with, and as the basis of his choices and actions. The first part (1.) deals with the problem of the world-view attitude in philosophy, peering into the metaphysics of the Middle Ages with a critical eye and demanding a renewal of the metaphysics itself, following the line of of J… Read more

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(Original title: Morálka, etika a aplikovaná etika)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 3, 149-160.

The paper focuses on three problems: the first one concerns the ambiguity of the term "ethics" itself. The second one concerns the attempts to define the position of ethics in contemporary society. The third one embodies the relationship between philosophical and applied ethics. Attention is paid to confusions, which were brought about by the obscure use of the… Read more

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From the History of Slovak Philosophical Thought

(Original title: Panteistická idea v Belovom rukopise Miscellanea Scientifica)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 3, 161-185.
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(Original title: Zahráme si obohacujúci svetonázorový "šach", alebo mi ponúkate len vodcovský vedený "valčík"?)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 3, 186-197.
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(Original title: O díle Igora Hrušovského)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 3, 198-199.
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(Original title: Prvá prednáška o bohočlovečenstve (1878))
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 3, 200-207.
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(Original title: Za Júliusom Strinkom (1928-1997))
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 3, 208.
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