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Volume 53 (1998), 2


(Original title: Foucaultova analýza pojmu moci a mocenských vzťahov)
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 71-81.

The paper focuses on Foucault's analysis of the internal structure of the power relationships, which, according to the French philosopher, are made up by three basic elements. The strategic relationships as the core of this structure, can not be described in terms of agreement or violence, but rather in military terms. The second structural element of the power… Read more

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(Original title: K niektorým predstavám o nesubstančných modeloch bytia)
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 82-92.

Reflections on an untraditional ontology often refer to the necessity of comparing substantialist models of being with the non-substantialist ones. In the paper these two conceptions of being are compared. The author questions non-substantialist concept of being, outlining the possibilities and prospects of ontology as such.

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(Original title: Podnikateľská etika ako integračná veda)
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 93-99.

The fundamental issue of the business ethics is the relationship between economical and ethical rationality, between gain and ethics. The business ethics is an integrating science bridging these two forms of human activity and two forms of rationality and introducing the moral point of view into the sphere of economics.

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Reflections - Essays

(Original title: Náboženstvo v časoch bez boha)
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 100-110.
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(Original title: Wladyslaw Tatarkiewicz (1886-1980) a jeho estetika)
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 111-119.
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(Original title: Gnozeologický a logický aspekt fanatizmu)
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 120-126.
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(Original title: Marian Váross alebo problém fanatizmu)
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 127-130.
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(Original title: Problematika sociálnej teórie a politiky (R. Šírna))
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 131-133.
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(Original title: Filozofia ako terapia (M. Nemčeková, K. Žiaková))
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 2, 133-135.
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