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Volume 54 (1999), 4


(Original title: Existenčné tvrdenia a dôkazy existencie v Aristotelovej teórii dokazovacej vedy)
Filozofia, 54 (1999), 4, 203-217.

The paper deals with problems of existence claims, as one sort of principles, and with their function in demonstrative science. The author tries to outline a resolution of the relation between existence and necessity - by means of seeing the necessity as a definitional connection expressing an essence. An analysis of some selected passages from AnPost П.1-2 should… Read more

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(Original title: Humanizmus proti totalitnej národnej ideológii (humanistické tradície v základoch úvah o nacionalizme v r. 1943))
Filozofia, 54 (1999), 4, 218-227.

The author discusses the conceptions of nation developed during the existence of so called Slovak state, as well as the origins of their basic theses seen in culturalsocial, political, and thoretical contexts. In the discussion in 1943 it became clear, that beside the state ideology grounded in traditionalistic Catholicism there were also alternatives to it,… Read more

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(Original title: Aplikovaná etika)
Filozofia, 54 (1999), 4, 228-237.

The paper aims at a proper articualtion of the concept of "applied ethics". It also tries to determine the conceptual means and cathegories required for its explication and understanding. The author sees the modern apllied ethics as a theory of morals of particular social dimensions and activities, a theory wanting to put in practice all ethical principles, which… Read more

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Reflections - Essays

(Original title: K filozofii dejín slovenskej kultúry)
Filozofia, 54 (1999), 4, 238-243.
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(Original title: Mohla by veda niekedy nahradiť zdravý rozum?)
Filozofia, 54 (1999), 4, 244-251.
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(Original title: Obrana rozumu. Rozhovor s prof. Wolfgangom Schnädelbachom)
Filozofia, 54 (1999), 4, 252-264.
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(Original title: Freudovo chápanie filozofie a otázka interpretácie vzniku psychoanalýzy (k článku M. Podušelovej O vzťahu filozofie a psychoanalýzy))
Filozofia, 54 (1999), 4, 265-270.
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(Original title: Kultúra v ohrození (J. Šmajs))
Filozofia, 54 (1999), 4, 271-272.
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