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Ideál „dobrého života“ z osobnej perspektívy

Filozofia, 61 (2006), 4, 295-308.
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The paper is a continuation of the author’ previous researches in the problematic of human nature and cultural identity, which led her to more basic questions concerning human life, its value frame and its shifts with time, which we witness today. According to her the idea of a „good life“ embodies psychological as well as ethical and aesthetical priorities. It is these priorities in younger generation that the author decided to focus on. She argues that the more liberal approaches to life and avoiding the firmly established rules are closely connected with the desire of success and the parallel diminishing of ethical standards. She is also interested in the form of these processes (private self-improvement, focusing on achievements bringing behavior, enjoying pleasures as dominating trends) in our country as well as in the degree of creative approach to life and the possible ideal of authenticity.

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