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Vzťah medzi kynizmom a cynizmom

Filozofia, 66 (2011), 6, 522-534.
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The paper examines the relationship between ancient Cynicism and his modern counterpart – cynicism. Ancient Cynicism is a strictly ethical way of life, while modern cynicism despises all ethical values. Ancient Cynicism is said to be a „shortest way to virtue“ and characterized by its commitment to a life in agreement with nature, radical freedom, self-sufficiency and by the absence of philosophical theory in favour of practical, lived philosophy. Modern cynicism is a result of a long lasting history of interpreting and misunderstanding of ancient Cynicism (mainly the Cynic’s life in agreement with nature and his ascetic practices, which were often seen as a crude shamelessness). However, cynicism is the consequence of „the unfulfilled promises“ of Enlightenment. It is a reason which turned against reason itself. The paper offers a brief history of the reception of Cynicism on its way toward the modern cynicism.

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Ancient Cynicism, Modern cynicism, Diogenes, Enlightenment, Criticism, Reason

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