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K otázke špecifickosti estetickej hodnoty

Filozofia, 43 (1988), 4, 444-456.
Typ článku: State - Človek, spoločnosť, kultúra

Problems of specificity of aesthetic values are not solved consistently in Marxist theory, although all authors are based on the works of K. Marx. V. Brožík’s idea of the „value of the sign“ as the base of aesthetic value is incentive. We consider, however, the value of the sign only as an individual „usefulness“ of the phenomenon; its social character is demonstrated only in the „value of molding“ which make aesthetic phenomena comparable and mutually measurable by means of the taste norm as a particular equivalent. The permanent value can be demonstrated only by means of the changing value of the sign. It is only thanks to this that aesthetic phenomena can exert influence upon cultivation, many-sided development of personality. Such a solution of the question of the essence of aesthetic value makes also understanding of objective criteria in this sphere possible.

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