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Personalisticko-komunilárny model teórie bytia ako najvernejší obraz ontologickej reality

Filozofia, 51 (1996), 11, 747-754.
Typ článku: Ohlasy

The paper is a critique of an essay published in one of the previous issues of the journal, discussing the question of „the partner, or the domination model of the theory of being“. The author agrees with its author in stressing a broader cultural basis in modelling the theories of being, which is not limited to judeo-christian and helenistic culture and embodies also the Eastern cultures, especially that of taoism. On the other hand, he refuses resolutly the idea according to which this could mean the dismissal of transcendent divine Being, which in his view cannot be absolutely socially and culturally determined. Thus he refuses the partner model offered and promotes his creative/evolutionary and trinitarian model, which in his view corresponds the highest quality of life, embodying the partner model at the same time.

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