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Bridges Without Foundation? Why the Use of AI Tools in Academia Needs to Build on Ethics First

Filozofia, 79 (2024), 5, 486 - 500.
Typ článku: State - Generative AI
The paper makes the case for establishing ethically substantiated foundations for using AI tools before turning to more detailed issues. First, I point out AI tools’ potential benefits in academia. Second, I discuss the risks of missing out on building ethically substantiated foundations by shifting the focus too much on specific questions. To illustrate this risk, I examine three kinds of issues: problematic outputs of AI tools; the amplification of warped incentives already present in academia; and the risk that universities, other educational institutions, and their members potentially jeopardize their digital autonomy. Third, I present starting points for a discussion on building ethical foundations for using AI tools in academia: we should concentrate on the questions of how to dismantle general warped incentives, what needs to be done to empower institutions in academia to create independent AI infrastructures collaboratively, and how to secure a responsible and productive use of AI technologies.
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AI ethics, responsible use of AI, digital autonomy, digital dependency, open source, warped incentives, Research ethics, ethics of higher education

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