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Predmet sociológie a jej vzťah k ostatným spoločenským vedám

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 20 (1965), 1, 75-82.
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In dealing with questions of the delimitation of Marxian sociology as an independent social discipline it is necessary to illuminate at least the main outlines of a) its differentation of its subject from the subject of concrete sociological research as a particular scientific method of research of specific social phenomena in the other social sciences, b) the problem whether concrete sociological research is possible at all in the framework of Marxian sociology or also in other socio-scientific disciplines, and to illuminate their relationship, c) the problem of the differentiation of social and sociological research, d) the relation of sociology to the other social sciences, namely from the viewpoint of subject and methods. The author illustrates the problems as above from the viewpoint of the relationship of sociology on the one hand, and political science and jurisprudence on the other. He arrives at the conclusion that sociological research in the different social sciences is not only possible but that it is inevitable. He emphasizes that the relationship between sociology and the other social methods must be looked at not only on horizontal level but also in the form of a vertical relationship. This means, a relationship of qualitatively higher reciprocal dependence, at variance with the relationship such as is existing between the other social sciences, both as far as the subject of the research and the methods are concerned.
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