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Dialektická metóda — základ práce davistov

Filozofia, 29 (1974), 6, 576-587.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - 50. výročie DAVu
The members of the Slovak communist intelligentsia, who, towards the close of the year 1924, entered the Czechoslovak inter-war history as the davists, belonged to the first propagators of Marxist-Leninist philosophical thinking, to the founders and pioneers of Marxist-Leninist philosophy in Slovakia. Namely due to E Urx and L. Szántó and, in the first stage of his activity, also to A. Sirácky they took pains in elaborating and applying the materialist-dialectical method in the conditions of their work and in its popularization not only in Slovakia, but also in the Czech regions. Even in this sphere — like by their personal involvement in the revolutionary movement and in the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia — they contributed to the development of the Marxist-Leninist theoretical thinking and to the constituting of Marxist oriented socialscientific branches.
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