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K marxistickému filozofickému prístupu k problematike osob­nosti

Filozofia, 40 (1985), 3, 299-311.
Typ článku: State - Problematika utvárania socialistickej osobnosti a socialistického spôsobu života

The problem of personality draws the attention of several disciplines. Most frequently personality is perceived either throug the eyes of psychology or biology exclusively. Quite a part of theoreticians, dealing with problems of personality attempt to approach the problem from the interdisciplinary point of view, in order to avoid onesidedness. Neither this approach can prevent from onesidedness because it understands the biological, physiological, psychical and social of personality as existing on the same level. In order to achieve sufficiently plastic picture of personality, it is necessary to work through the philosophic approach to the problems, i. e. to fixation of what is determining or only modificating, what is integrating or integrated. The author attempts to discuss problems from this point of view.

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