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Opäť a inak o filozofii praxe

Filozofia, 46 (1991), 6, 525-539.
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The philosophy of practice, developed especially by a group of Yugoslavian philosophers — collaborators and contributors of the journal Praxis — had in the sixties its impact also on the philosophical thinking in Slovakia. The paper, based on Yugoslavian discussions, renders the philosophy of practice as a remarkable international historical-philosophical phenomenon, as a time-dependent version of the marxist philosophy, which under limited conditions criticized the practice and the theoretical preconditions of the Stalinism as well as some philosophical and political principles of marxism itself. Further, the paper points out the limits of the philosophy of practice, and brings out some arguments in favour of a more profound contemporary criticism of the marxist philosophy; it also lays stress upon the necessity of a qualified historical-philosophical interpretation of the philosophy of practice in the Slovak philosophy in the past decades.

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