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Ľudská identita a hodnoty demokracie

Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 546-553.
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The paper aims at the discrimination of two concepts of identity the identity of human beings and the identity of things. Attention is paid to the mysterious phenomenon of human spirit as a place where the universal determination is interrupted and where freedom enters the world. The comparison of scientific and antropocentric approaches reveals the reductionism in both of them. The necessity of a more complex understanding of man as a determinated and a free being at the same time is stressed. As far as the social background of an individual is concerned, the contrary attributes of a totalitarian system on one hand and an open democratic society on the other hand are examined as well as their consequences for the affirmation and the development of human identity.

The cultivation of the subjectivity of human individuals brought about by the emancipation has a positive impact on humanity and democracy. The same applies also for the affirmation of national identity. All that is detrimental to democracy entails a damage for national identity.

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