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Vzťah medzi svetonázorom, metafyzikou a teológiou

Filozofia, 52 (1997), 3, 141-148.
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The authors understand a world-view as man's opinion on everything he is encountered with, and as the basis of his choices and actions. The first part (1.) deals with the problem of the world-view attitude in philosophy, peering into the metaphysics of the Middle Ages with a critical eye and demanding a renewal of the metaphysics itself, following the line of of J. Marechal's thought. The article focuses on showing the basic structure of world-view and F. Ferre's four criteria of the rationality of a worldview (2.1). Further, the role of metaphysics is shown as an explanation of the conditions of a world-view (2.2). The structure of the religious world-view is exemplified by the analysis of the Christian Creed. The role of a world-view in metaphysics is stressed as well as the effects ofthis metaphysical thought in theology (2.3).

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