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Druhý kopemikovský obrat v chápaní poznávania a skúsenosti a jeho závažné dôsledky (1. časť)

Filozofia, 52 (1997), 6, 362-369.
Typ článku: State

The aim of the paper is to develope and justify a broader concept of experience. In the author's view this concept is rooted in Hegel. A more detailed articulation of this concept is offered on the background of Gadamer's and Welte's works as well as of author's previous work Theory of Knowledge. The paper focuses on the notion of so called "recreating experience", which is seen by the author as an existential experience oriented to the being of objects participating in the experience, and further to the foundations of this Being itself. This experience is seen as the foundation of religious experience leading to man's spiritual transformation. Attention is paid also to potential quasilanguage, which could disguise the true contents of experience as well as the contents of its objects. The paper is to be continued.

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