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Od plurality filozofie k monopolnému postaveniu marxisticko-leninskej filozofie

Filozofia, 52 (1997), 7, 421-445.
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At the beginning of the forties of the 20th century the philosophy in Slovakia has reached a remarkable stage of its development. Its was pluralistic governed by professional philosophers, who often contributed original philosophical conceptions. It was supported by its own philosophical institutions and journals and the freedom of thinking made various discussions and polemics on topical philosophical problems possible. This promissing development was interrupted by the 1st conference on the contemporary status of the philosophy in Slovakia, which was held in november 1950. It was organized by the representative of the arising totalitarian system and resulted in sovietization of the Slovak philosophy, which made the philosophy of marxism-leninism (which was one of the various philosophical streams in previous decades) the leading and institutionally supported one. The conclusions of the conference exerted a strong negative influence on the Slovak philosophy an influence which has determinated its development for a long time.

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