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Koniec subjektu? Otázky a otázniky vo fenomenologickej koncepcii morálnej zrelosti Huberta L. Dreyfusa

Filozofia, 61 (2006), 9, 714-725.
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The aim of the paper is to analyze Dreyfus’ phenomenological conception of moral maturity in critical relation to Kantian tradition of ethics. A special attention is paid to the refutation of Cartesian subject and radical elimination of subject-object relationship. These two points make the starting point of Dreyfus’ philosophical reflection on the ideal of moral behavior, as well as on its implications for ethics of everyday life. The main objective of the paper is to show the problem of freedom and choice as a crucial challenge of Dreyfus primordial understanding of ethical ways of being.

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Egoless response, Intentionality of belief, Coping with, Background of activities, Acquirement of skills

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