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Reflexia budúcnosti v dielach niektorých slovenských autorov

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 10, 903-910.
Typ článku: Úvahy - eseje

The common denominator of the contribution is the considerations of the future, which can be found, in a less or more condensate form, in the works of several Slovak intellectuals of the 20th century (J. Lajčiak, G. Vámoš, S. Štúr, D. Tatarka). Their views of the future vary heavily; some of them saw philosophy as „the way and the sense of life in the Universe“ (as J. Lajčiak did), or as a „therapist“ dismissing errors and injustice. All of them, however, show the necessity of defending one’s right to the love of wisdom (as among others D. Tatarka did). It is due to this pathos that they are able to approach even the contemporary reader.

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Crisis of philosophy, Philosophy of history, Principle of cruelty, Person in danger

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