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O svojbytnosti ruskej filozofie

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 4, 282-297.
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The paper summarizes the reflections on the specific development of Russian philosophy. It offers an outline of general features of Russian Christian philosophy. Up to now this philosophy has been simply ignored or eliminated by „religious philosophy“. The idea, that the mission (the truth) of Russian philosophy can be unveiled only by an insight into its fortunes (substantiality) and the latter only by taking into account its predetermination, has become the basis of the definition of the following principles of Russian national philosophy: the principle of tragedy, the principle of its self-consciousness, the principle of its apparent separation, the principle of its rational metaphysics, the principle of self-determination and the principle of the „mystery of humans“. These principles find their reasonable application in the analysis of Russian national philosophy, mainly in the research of its classical works. They correspond to the very nature of Russian national philosophy from 1870s to 1890s and also to the works of those philosophers who understood philosophy as a doctrine of man.

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