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K sporu o vedecké princípy v slovenskej filozofii 40. rokov

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 6, 497-506.
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The disputes the paper deals with concerned the adherents of intuitive realism, who defended the epistemological position of direct cognition, and those philosophers, who enforced the position of critical realism. The attention is paid especially to the views and attitudes of Igor Hrušovský, which he articulated in his polemics with intuitive realists. According to the author Jozef Dieška overestimated so called „intuitivist turn“ in philosophy as well as the importance of the conception of N. O. Losski, making at the same time too many concessions to the scientific achievements and the understan- ding of scientism of that time. For Hrušovský as an adherent of scientism, however, the science and philosophy were almost identical.

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I. Hrušovský, N. O. Losskij, Intuitivism, Scientism

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