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„Režim pravdy“ – pojem, štruktúra a mechanizmy jeho produkcie (Na motívy myšlienok Michela Foucaulta)

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 7, 569-578.
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The contribution draws on the ideas which Foucault outlined in some of his interviews, but never gave them the form of a broader and comprehensive conception. Its central topic is the relationship between „regime of truth“ and truth, as well as the relationship between the regime of truth and ideology. The most important problem concerning the regime of truth is its production and functioning in society. Each society creates a regime o truth according to its beliefs, values, and morals. „Truth“ is to be understood first of all as a political problem. Further, the author explains the structure and the principal mechanisms of how the regimes of truth assert themselves.

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Truth, Power, Regime of truth, Ideology, Production, Structure

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