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The Existential Experience of One’s Own Death or The ‘Dispute’ of M. Heidegger and E. Levinas in the Eyes of Everyman

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 8, 704-715.
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The aim of the article is to investigate the relationship between the consciousness of one’s own death, of the death of others, as well as the mode of existence which is commonly called authentic in the existential philosophy. The core of the investigation is the ‘dispute’ of Martin Heidegger and Emanuel Levinas concerning death, which is complemented by the insights of other philosophers and psychologists. The attention is paid to common people’s attitudes towards death and mortality rather than to pure theoretical considerations. Everyman is understood as that side of all of us, which does not aim at an intense cogitation and self-reflection. The questions of personal and impersonal attitudes towards death, the fear of death, the otherness of death and the others are the topics discussed in the article together with non-physical aspect of death.

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