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Prúdy ideovej moderny (K 100. výročiu založenia revue Prúdy)

Filozofia, 64 (2009), 10, 913-928.
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The journal Prúdy (1909 – 1914; 1922 – 1938) served the liberal-democratic part of the Slovak intelligentsia as a platform for promoting Masarykian ideology. The young intellectuals grouped around it were familiar with the progressive thinking of that time and promoted the positivist realistic attitude and world-view. Similarly to Czech intellectuals the Slovak adherents of Masaryk contributed to introducing the rational approach, the principle of criticism and other progressive trends in Slovak cultural millieu. The journal offered the place for discussing the burning political and social, as well as cultural and scientific issues. Although the journal was not a purely theoretical one, many of the authors contributed considerably to the philosophical (S. Štúr) and sociological (A. Štefánek) debates.

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Slovak journal Prúdy, Masarykism, Sociologism, Positivist-Realistic Philosophy

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