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Spor medzi analytickou a kontinentálnou filozofiou

Filozofia, 64 (2009), 2, 107-113.
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In 2007, a debate took place between Hungarian representatives of the analytic and continental schools of philosophy. (1) Boldizsár Eszes and János Tőzsér concluded their article about the history of analytic philosophy by the claim that the only possible method of philosophising is analytic. (2) Answering on behalf of continental philosophers, Tibor Schwendtner approached the topic from the points of view of the sociology of knowledge and academic politics. (3) Tamás Ullmann also defended continental philosophy, emphasizing that it is not vague or unscientific. (4) István Faragó-Szabó, in opposition to the continental position, represented a third, independent point of view. (5) In their answer to Scwendtner, Eszes and Tőzsér reject his charges, providing extensive evidence against them.

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The Analytic-Continental Debate, The argumenttative power of philosophy, Philosophy and real life

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