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Utopia in Black. The Negative Aesthetics of Adorno and the Contemporary Black Art

Filozofia, 64 (2009), 5, 481-491.
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Black is the colour of the negative aesthetics of Adorno, and the true of our time. The aesthetics that thinks the radical art of our time, a black art, can only be a black aesthetics. The radical contemporary art is black art, and it is so because according to the aesthetic principle that constitutes the work of art as such – the spirit understood as mimesis –, this one, the work of art, is writing of a blackened historical reality. What Adorno tries with black art is to return to art its right to exist after Auschwitz, in a discoloured world. But black art, as alive conscience of pain, as truth of the real, is already salvation, hope, utopia.

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Aesthetics, Art, Criticism, Literature of the absurd

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