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K významu antropologických východísk pre politickú vedu

Filozofia, 64 (2009), 9, 817-826.
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The paper shows the necessity to return to the origins and the true object of political science in order to obtain a new and better understanding of the key phenomena in the realm of politics, especially that of the 20th century. The classical view of “humanities” is treated as opposed to the “positivist” tradition based on the power of technology and applying the methodology and the criteria analogical to those of natural sciences. The author emphasizes the moral and interpersonal character of the distinctively human world of institutions, culture, ethics and politics. In order to understand the special character of the object of political science, a reconsideration of the classical traditions in political and moral philosophy as well as a new philosophical anthropology is necessary.

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Polis, Nature, Institutions, Cultural patterns, History, Rationalism, Society, Meaning, Deformation, Truth

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