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Idea „vylepšovania človeka“ z hľadiska filozofie pragmatizmu

Filozofia, 70 (2015), 5, 343-355.
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The author presents the current context and key issues connected with the transhumanist idea of human enhancement. He argues that from the philosophical point of view human enhancement is the continuation of the ancient ideas of human perfection and perfectionism. These ideas, when taken in abstracto, separated from other ethical ideas such as happiness, dignity, self-care and self-control, might lead to problematic consequences. Further, the paper gives an account of pragmatist philosophical humanism which at some points may look as a precursor of transhumanism or its close ally. However, the author’s conclusion is that pragmatist humanism while supporting „transformism“ keeps in mind the meaning of human endeavors which it sees in good life and good society rather than in radical enhancement of human biological nature via technology.

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Education, Ethics, Eugenics, Growth, Human enhancement, Humanism, Meliorism, Naturalism, Perfectionism, Pragmatism, Transhumanism

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