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Naturalistické koncepcie v súčasnom neopragmatizme

Filozofia, 76 (2021), 9, 661 - 673.
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Classical pragmatists (Peirce, James, Dewey) have already circumscribed their conceptions overcoming reductionism of naturalism in the forms of physicalism and scientism. Thereby they laid down grounds of pragmatist non-reductive naturalism. In connection to this as well as to conceptions of postanalytic naturalists such as Quine and Davidson, but in particular the normative turn of W. Sellars, contemporary neopragmatism develops its varieties of non-reductive naturalism: liberal naturalism (John McDowell), normative naturalism (Robert Brandom), metaphilosophical naturalism (Richard Rorty) and object/subject naturalism (Huw Price). The paper provides an analysis of these topical conceptions which are inspirational for resolution of relations between causation and normativity, nature and culture and relations between nonhuman and human re- alities, respectively.

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Culture, Naturalism, Nature, Neopragmatism, Nonreductive naturalism, Normativity

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