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Hegel and Pragmatism: A Sketch of Continuity

Filozofia, 78 (2023), 9, 783 - 795.
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The place and role of Hegel(ianism) in the history of philosophy is a central topic within the historical-philosophical research. It is also the subject matter of Jon Stewart’s recent book Hegel’s Century. But its focus is on the European, rather than the global story. This paper offers a brief supplement in the form of a North American story, specifically, a narrative of the relationship between Hegelianism and pragmatism. Having covered Hegelian “proto-pragmatism” and pragmatism’s (both classical and contemporary) Post-Hegelianism, the author offers his own outline of what he sees as the continuity between the two philosophies. It lies in the common historicism, holism, and syntheticism as well as in a common anti-Cartesianism, anti-Kantianism and anti-Platonism.
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Hegelianism, Classical pragmatism, Neopragmatism, Metaphilosophy, Naturalization, American philosophy

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