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Normatívne konatívne fakty

Filozofia, 79 (2024), 2, 133 - 149.
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In the field of scientific debate on normativity today we can find two extreme positions of naturalists and normativists. For pure naturalists, there is no such thing as a normative fact. In this article, we analyze the bifurcated anatomy of the application of the perfect legal norm provision to demonstrate the nature of normative conative facts and to provide examples of such facts. The main hypothesis is the idea that by redefining logically possible worlds by enriching them with new types of fundamental facts, such as institutional social facts and normative conative facts, we will form the foundations for explaining the effective applicability of "classical" logic to the field of normativity and special law. In the conclusion of the study, we put forward a conceptual framework for such a redefinition of logically possible worlds for the system of Transparent Intensional Logic.
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social facts, institutional normative conative application of logic in law, perfect legal norm, logically possible worlds

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