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Thinking Planetary Thinking

Filozofia, 78 (2023), Supplement, 24 - 37.
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The term “planetary turn” was coined in 2015 to describe a significant and ongoing shift in the relationship between humans and the Earth, which has been unfolding since the late 20th century. Despite its profound significance, this transformative process lacks a comprehensive theoretical framework, necessitating the development of a new perspective. The planetary turn has brought about substantial changes in our connection with the Earth, particularly in terms of our existence and our efforts to understand it from a planetary standpoint. Addressing the challenges posed by planetary issues requires a distinct mode of thinking. This article begins by offering a concise explanation of the concept of the “planetary turn,” followed by an exploration of a significant consequence of this shift: a profound transformation in the human condition. Additionally, an argument is presented, asserting that this transformation unfolds within the crucial context of liminality characterizing the Anthropocene era. The final section delves into Chakrabarty’s ideas on the development of planetary thinking, that can provide guidance as we navigate the transition from the Anthropocene to the post-Anthropocene era, aiming to surpass the current state of liminality in the human condition.
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Planetary Thinking, Global Thinking, Planetary Turn, Anthropocene, Human condition, Liminality, Dipesh Chakrabarty

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