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Nuclear Power in Times of International Insecurity and Environmental Crisis

Filozofia, 78 (2023), Supplement, 90 - 103.
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This study substantiates the claim that nurturing state sovereignty, pursuing national interests and relying less on other states is the coveted compass that could guide humanity out of the ecological quagmire. My starting point is Hegel’s notion of state sovereignty, which implies that relations between states are irradicably strained. This starting point causes me to see state sovereignty as part of the solution, rather than as an obstacle, to dealing with the environmental crisis. I build my argument on a parallel between the instability of the natural and international environment. Awareness of the unnecessary risks associated with over-dependence on other countries and on the natural environment is, in my view, leading to a renaissance of nuclear energy, which could enable us to ensure adequate energy self-sufficiency without serious damage to the environment.
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Hegel, Environmental crisis, International relations, Nuclear power, Struggle for recognition

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