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O niektorých momentoch dialektiky spoločenského vedomia

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 19 (1964), 6, 507-519.
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In the first place there is the question of subject as a bearer of social consciousness, the necessity to differentiate between individual and collective subject. The contents of collective consciousness is created only by that elements in the consciousness of the individuum which are the reflections of general aspects and properties of existence essentia] for the given collective. Individual consciousness is usually not shared by other members of a social group; however, this does not signify that every consciousness, not spread and by the group not recognized, is necessarily to be an individual consciousness. There are elements in the consciousness of every individuum which do not correspond to his particular existence; besides, there are elements which are the expression of his integration into the existence of the pertinent collective subject such as family, social layer, class, nation, political organization, humanity, etc. The transition to the all-human passes through the filter of the class component of the consciousness which is now predominating. Though, it is necessary to differentiate between what by its proper, nature is related to class, and what is only a class assimilate of the all-human. The well known relation of Lenin to Taylorism may serve as an example for this assertion. Social consciousness has a theoretical (ideological) and a socio-psychological layer which is historically primary. This primate does not apply only to the dimensions of development of the entire society, but it reproduces itself in the same manner also in the history of each partial subject of the collective, e. g., of class. In conditions of the division of labour this becomes apparent by an internal splitting of every fully developed class. Theoretically and ideologically active members of the class form a relatively independent social group, the intelligentsia. Proletariate also creates an organic intelligentsia of his own. Elimination of the intelligentsia from the framework of the working class would have for result that in the realization of its leading role the working class would not be able to do without a constant help coming from outside, and this would occasion a decrease of its history-creating importance.
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