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Filozofia humanity v politickom živote

Filozofia, 58 (2003), 10, 745-750.
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The paper examines the project of applying the so called "philosophy of humanity" in Slovak political life, which was made public before the elections in 1946 by the follower of Lossski´s philosophy of intuitive realism, Slovak philosopher J. Dieška. He taught, that this philosophy of humanity is predestined to become a partisan philosophy of democracy, as it unites all citizens by its ability to synthethize and by its ideas of collaboration, love, and non-revolutionary resolution of social problems. Dieška characterises this philosophy as "ideal-realism". i. e. a worldview, which is not a pure materialism, spiritualism or realism, but a synthesis of all of them. Dieška´s conception was not offered a possibility of verification by the practice. It should be seen on the background of the current ideological and political conflicts as looking for the way out of the previous developments and also as an attempt to offer an alternative to ever growing influence of the materialistic worldview and the leftist ideological orientations.

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