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O školskej filozofii v bývalom Hornom Uhorsku

Filozofia, 58 (2003), 10, 717-726.
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The paper deals with the school philosophy in the former Upper Hungary. Its starting point is the assumption, that the question of the receptive/creative character of the so called national philosophy can be resolved only by showing the nature of the institution, where the philosophy under consideration was practised. In Upper Hungary philosophy was practised in high schools, at colleges and universities of various kinds. The author gives a definition of the so called school philosophy and examines its main characteristics, such as its isolation, eclecticism, limitation by the school curricula etc. He shows the differences between the philosophy taught in gymnasiums and lyceums on one hand and at the universities and royal academies on the other hand. Attention is paid also to the specific role played by logic and psychology in the frame of school philosophy.

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