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Etika cnosti a problém morálneho charakteru

Filozofia, 58 (2003), 2, 75-86.
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The ethics of virtue made the problem of moral character topical. Due to concentrating rather on the question "How should we live?" instead of the question "What should we do?" attention became to be paid also to such questions as "What our character should be? ", "To what extent is man responsible for his own character?", "Can he change it?", "What is the connection between the character and habits?" The examination of the problem of moral character led to further question, such as "Is the moral character, as the incentive for action sufficient to explain the action?", "What is the relationship between moral character and moral rules in action?", "Is it sufficient in moral assessment to resort to the moral character of the agent, or are there also other determining elements?" The author outlines the discussions of these question in contemporary moral theory.

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