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Sarvepalli Rádhakrišnan a "náboženstvo ducha"

Filozofia, 59 (2004), 1, 8-19.
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The ideas of the Indian historian of philosophy, philosopher of religion, politician and diplomatist Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888 - 1975) have a special status in the reflection of contemporary processes of globalisation: they are, besides other aspects, attractive in connection with the status of ethics in the contemporary dialogue of cultures. These ideas are also remarkable due to their calling for integration of the humankind, which is so topical in the strivings of all globalists and antiglobalists as well. Although Radhakrishnan many decades before Huntington or H. Kung anticipated theoretically the problem of globalisation as mainly ethical problem, his ideas are neglected in almost all important theories of globalisation of today.

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