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Filozofia rieši problém americkej výnimočnosti: Prípad Richard Rorty

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 4, 311-317.
Typ článku: Mladá filozofia

The paper tries to explain an interesting shift in the philosophy of Richard Rorty, which took place after he started to pay attention to the renewal of the idea of American exceptionalism. Suddenly he stopped talking about destructing „the old ladders“ and focused on the reconstruction and revision on the basis of religion and American Enlightenment which are the sources of American exceptionalism and civic religion. Actually he abandoned his atheist position and called for the diversity of the religious expereince („romantic polytheism“) as a clue to liberal and democratic morality.

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Richard Rorty, American exceptionalism, Civic religion, Liberalism, Romantic polytheism

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