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K pojmom ľudskej prirodzenosti a kultúry a k ich funkcii v sociálnom poznaní

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 8, 657-669.
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The paper deals with the relationship between human nature and culture, taking into account the return of the philosophical anthropology back into the intellectual discourse and indicating the motifs of this paradoxical return. The linkage between human nature and culture is examined as related to the position of the human species in nature, as well as to the social-cultural evolution of the humans. The classification of the metaphysical and empirical-scientific approaches leads the author to the conclusion that due to new empirical findings and technological innovations (neurosciences, artificial intelligence, evolutionary psychology, and genetic engineering) it is necessary to redefine the concepts of the corporeality and human nature.

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Human nature, Culture, Ideas of poststructuralism, Themes of post- modernism, Comeback of philosophical anthropology and its issues, Towards the typology of the notion of Culture, C. Geertz, Sociobiology, Human nature in connection with culture

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