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Edícia Filozofické odkazy (1973 – 1990): Jej charakter, realizácia a význam

Filozofia, 64 (2009), 10, 984-995.
Typ článku: Historiografické sondy

The paper offers a description of the second project (after the publication of 10 volumes of Philosophical Anthology 1965 – 1977) of the translations of the books of influential philosophers into Slovak. The project has been carried out in the time of strict political normalization and neodogmatism. In spite of the political conditions the editors managed to publish 20 volumes of classical philosophy, 10 volumes of the Western philosophy of that time and 16 volumes of Marxist philosophy. The impact of the project was far-reaching. First of all, it offered a support to Slovak philosophy, which at that time was on its progressive way to the status of an academic discipline.

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The Series Philosophica legacy, Translation of philosophical books into Slovak, Progressive development of Slovak philosophy

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