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Wilmon Henry Sheldon a jeho „syntéza filozofií“

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 3, 209-219.
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The article focuses on Sheldon’s terms „reconciliation“ and „synthesis of philosophies“. It does not want to offer just a simple descriptive report on the global state of philosophical thinking in the first half of the twentieth century. It also embraces the function of an inspiring force showing the way forward. It contemplates the actions and reflections of those participating in the process of creating a new perspective on the world within their own philosophical systems. It looks for elements that might be utilized in building up a synthetic philosophical outlook on the reality of this world – an outlook that would not only map this reality but would also designate in it the necessary reference points adequate for human conduct and interaction.

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Process, Realism, Reconciliation, Synthesis of philosophies, W. H. Sheldon

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