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Nikolay Berdyaev: The Dialectics of Sobornost

Filozofia, 77 (2022), 2, 112 - 126.
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The subject of this research is the concept of sobornost in the philosophy of Nikolai Berdyaev. On the basis of the dialectical method, such stages of the development of sobornost are distinguished as being, essence, concept. The actualization of sobornost arises in the church community, the secular community, the church-secular community. The thesis in the formation of the category of sobornost at the level of its beingness is the church community in the maxims of salvation. The essential stage in the formation of sobornost is the secular community, where sobornost is revealed as a collection, collectivity, ideas of creativity develop, and a split and disunity are characteristic. The resolution of the Divine Trinity, human and cosmic community in freedom and love – this is the state of the conceptual level of sobornost in the church-secular community, where salvation and creativity are united. It can be concluded that sobornost is present in all designated types of community, being in dialectical development.

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Being, Communitarianism, Community, Concept, Dialectics, Essence, Sobornost

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