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The Conception of Man in Collingwood's Philosophy of History

(Original title: Chápanie človeka v Collingwoodovej filozofii dejín)
Filozofia, 44 (1989), 1, 36-43.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophical Problems of Man
Publication language: Slovak

In the paper author concentrated on the analysis of the problem of Man in the philosophical conception of R. G. Collingwood, one of the founders of modern Anglo-Saxon analytical philosophy of history who developed it on two levels: 1/on specific philosophical level, 2/within the framework of philosophical-historical reflections. R. G. Collingwood, influenced by Hegel and Croce on the one hand and by analytical methodology on the other hand presents a view of Man as Mind, which results in the orientation of the analysis ito the individual consciousness, in this case to his own one. In his conception it is possible by means of analysis to create a scene of mind — of Man of modern European type as such. Within the framework of philosophical-historical reflections he views Man as a purposefully active subject. In this connection he appeals to his contemporaries for humanization of Man’s life.

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