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Volume 47 (1992), 12


(Original title: Derridova destrukce fenomenologické intencionální konstituce)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 705-711.

Husserl’s perspective ensures the harmony between the experiencing pole and the significativity pole. On Derrida’s view the methodological reduction has been implicitly incorporated by Husserl into his conception of sign and meaning already in his Logical Investigations where the subjective experience was emancipated from its relation to communicative… Read more

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(Original title: Interióme chápanie kategórie "vec")
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 712-717.

The paper deals with the understanding of finite being from the point of view of its unity with itself and with other finite beings, without which it, as a finite being, cannot exist. The finite being cannot be either fully interior (closed in itself), i. e. independent, neither fully exterior (dependent), for it would get dissolved. Various levels of interiority… Read more

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Short Reflections

(Original title: Európa 21. storočia - osvietenstvo ešte raz?)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 718-720.
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(Original title: Etika a ekonómia)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 720-725.
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"Filozofia" Club

(Original title: Diskusia k problematike Evolúcia a stvorenie)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 726-735.
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Ad Fontes

(Original title: Listy Galilea Galileiho)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 736-748.
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(Original title: K povahe ideálnych pojmov a k iným problémom)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 749-756.
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Elementa Philosophiae - Philosophy for Schools

(Original title: Filozofia. Pýtanie sa na skutočnosť I)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 757-766.
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Scientific Life

(Original title: Dve výstavy nezávislej literatúry)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 767-768.
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(Original title: Obrat k aplikovanej etike)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 768-769.
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(Original title: Projekt AIDE)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 769-770.
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(Original title: Seminár o filozofických problémoch techniky)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 770.
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(Original title: Demystifikácia skutočnosti (M. Kusý - M. Šimečka))
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 771-773.
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(Original title: Svetový étos - výzvy pre postmodernu (H. Küng))
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 773-774.
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(Original title: Polstoročie poľskej filozofie)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 774-775.
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(Original title: John Roger Searle šesťdesiatročný)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 12, 776.
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