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Volume 47 (1992), 6


(Original title: Kultúra je záležitosťou národa)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 321-328.
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(Original title: Výskum budúcností a filozofia budúcnosti)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 328-338.

The acceleration of the social development through the scientific-technological progress leaded to the growing complexity of the society, to unclearing and rise of the probability of its future state. The origin of "future research" with its methodological and theoretical needs has acknowledged the philosophical relevance of forecasting as a rational knowledge.… Read more

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(Original title: Metafyzické základy pojetí vědy Henri Berra)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 339-348.

The most part of Berr’s scientific and managing work was in his effort to put through the idea of a scientific historiography within the frame of a united synthetic science, which at the same time was intended to play the role of a worldview. From this point of view Berr belongs to the first period of positivism. Even some of the positivistic streams in… Read more

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Ad Fontes

(Original title: O zmysle a denotáte)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 349-363.
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Portraits - Problems

(Original title: Svätopluk Štúr (1901-1991) - vôľa k pravde)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 364-366.
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(Original title: Svätopluk Štúr - mravný poriadok života)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 366-369.
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(Original title: Z druhej strany Kanálu. Rozhovor s Christopherom Kirwanom)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 370-376.
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(Original title: Živý hlas z nedávnej minulosti)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 377-379.
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(Original title: Poutavě o Descartovi)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 379-381.
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(Original title: Kniha o slobode a o zmysle slobody)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 6, 381-383.
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