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Interpretation, Creativity and the Limits of a Work of Art

(Original title: Interpretácia, kreativita a hranice umeleckého diela)
Filozofia, 68 (2013), 7, 583-594.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

This paper examines some of the philosophical positions explaining the interpretation of artwork as related to its ontology and the concept of creativity. A theory of interpretation necessarily involves a certain ontological position answering questions such as: What is the object of interpretation?; What is a work of art? The same close relation one can find between a theory of interpretation and the creativity, i.e. the questions such as In what sense (if at all) is a work of art created?; What is created by an artist and what by the observer/reader/listener of a work of art?. Our interpretation and its results depend on answers to these questions. In conclusion the author gives an outline of his own position on the interpretation of a work of art in the context of the creativity and the ontology of the former.


Creativity, Experience, Interpretation, Ontology of a work of art, Understanding

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