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Nový pohľad Edmunda Husserla na Ideen I

Filozofia, 61 (2006), 1, 16-29.
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The objective of the article is a comparison of three texts by Edmund Husserl: Ideen I, its revision in Hua XXXIV and Epilogue of Ideen III. There are internal (thematic) and external (resulting from authorś motivation) connections between these three texts which – also as a justification of this comparison – will be examined in this article. The comparison should give answers to several questions: Why did Husserl decide to do this revision? What changes did he make? Should we regard these changes as important interventions into certain phenomenological topics? What are the results of this comparison for the phenomenological method? By means of these texts several chosen phenomenological themes – such as the problematic of consciousness, intentionality, natural and phenomenological attitudes, method etc. – can be presented, as well as a new view of them 16 or 17 years later. The last text introduces also Husserl’s résumé of the idea of philosophy.

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